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We are your single source for all of your home mortgage needs. Historically Low Rates!! New Home Purchases, Refinances and More Starr Mortgage Can Help We can customize your financial package. FHA, RD, VA, Conventional & Land-Only Loans!

100% Financing No Money Down Home Purchases Refinances / Debt Consolidation 10-30 Year Terms Available

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Owner Of Starr mortgage

Pat White Sutton

is the managing member of the company and a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with over 33 years of mortgage lending experience.

Terrell M. Sutton

is a member of the LLC and recently became a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with over 3 years experince, They can quickly and easily help you find the right mortgage to meet your individual needs.

When you contact Starr Mortgage, we'll take down some basic information. Then we will shop all of our lending sources to find the best choice for you. Here is Pat's and Terrell's recommended procedure when looking for your new home:

What you may need!
List you may need to bring

1.  Look for the house you want.

2.  Put down earnest money.  However, be sure that the contract you sign says the sale is contingent on loan approval.  Also make sure that, if your loan is not approved, you get all your earnest money back.

3.  Call Starr Mortgage and make an appointment to discuss your loan.

4.  Before you arrive, you should know the amount of the down payment you can make.  You should also collect some information that we will need for the loan application.  Please click here for a detailed list.

5.  When you arrive, we will fill in all of the forms for you.

6.  We will pull your credit report and arrange for an appraiser.

7.  We will present you with your loan choices.

8.  Assuming everything goes smoothly, your loan should close in approximately three weeks.

We will also be glad for you come in and pre-qualify. In this way, you can quickly find out the amount you'll be able to borrow. The only fee collected at application time is the credit report fee, which is LESS than $25.